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All You Need To Know About Esco Bars vs Esco Bars Mega.  

Since there are numerous disposable vapes available, it is becoming more difficult to discover ones that differentiate themselves from the rest. However the variety of flavors offered makes these goods stand out. They also distinguish out because of other traits; see below. These are all thoroughly discussed.

These are a few of the top throwaway gadgets available.

Disposable vapes from Esco Bar are well-built, stylish, ideal for those looking for something portable, and reliable performers all around.

There are many different flavours offered by Esco, and they are all excellent. But, they did omit one essential taste, which will be covered later.

You’ve come to the right place if you’ve been curious about Esco Bars and Esco Bars Mega popularity. So that you don’t have to second-guess your decision to buy them, we’ll lay out all of their features, tastes, and other pertinent information below. These new disposable vaporizers are quite popular since they not only deliver pleasurable nic hits but also maximize convenience and price. Let’s clarify this…

Esco Bars and Esco Bars’ Mega Appealing Affluence  that’s difficult to overlook..

This section covers every feature that together distinguishes both of these vapes as unique in their own right. Let’s start by looking at both in the following  rapid comparison.

Esco Bars Features

  • 2500 Puffs
  • 1100 mAh of power
  • 6 ml of pre-charged vape juice
  • Pre-filled. a cylindrical shape
  • 10% nicotine (Salt)
  • No leak. zero mess
  • 20 varieties of e-liquid
  • Smooth and thick hits
  • No delays

 Esco Bars Mega- Key Features

  1. 2500 Puffs
  2. 1100 mAh of power
  3. 6 ml of pre-charged vape juice
  4. Pre-filled. a cylindrical shape
  5. 10% nicotine (Salt)
  6. No leak. zero mess
  7. 20 varieties of e-liquid
  8. Smooth and thick hits
  9. No delays
  10. Zero lags

The puff counts & e-juice tastes of the two vapes differ significantly, as is evident from a quick glance at the characteristics listed above. Your vaping experience won’t be austere or monotonous thanks to the sturdy combination of Esco Bars Disposable Vape and its bigger brother equivalent. This is due to the sturdy substance employed, which does not cause battery explosion incidents when stored at normal temperatures and utilised before it expires or make your vape device hot to the touch when lighted.

Vape Juice Varieties- Esco Bars and Esco Bars Mega

Esco Bar Mega vape juices only have six flavour selections, compared to 20 for Esco Bars, with the goal of providing a distinctive flavor not often seen in any disposable vape. The addition of 5% nicotine in the form of salt and a 70:30 VG/PG blend gives your throat hits a satisfying texture, and we are confident that using these exceptional vape juices will keep you on cloud nine forever. So prepare to have your lips filled with tasty temptation as we explore the intriguing tastes of each of these e-cigarettes.

What are Esco Bars & Esco Bars Mega usage instructions?

These vapes have buttonless designs, so the only way to turn them on is through inhaling. To activate them, take a slow, deep breath in while exercising caution when storing them. They must not be exposed to excessive heat or sunshine. Moreover, if there is ever an interruption, shake them off. If the gadget still doesn’t function, you should check its authenticity because you could have received a faulty component.

Esco Bars don’t require any additional maintenance or care, but in order to fully utilize the e-liquid in an Esco Bars Mega, you would need to recharge it while you were taking a break from vaping.

How long will I be able to eat Esco Bars & Esco Bars Mega?

They may be used for anything between a complete day to a few weeks or months, depending on your puffing habits. But, when two years have passed after the end of their production date, their expiry term starts. whereby you may utilize them according to any daily plan.

Esco Bars Vape: Is it secure?

Yes! These tiny disposable vapes by Pastel Cartel are made to withstand drops without ever breaking, yet they can sustain significant harm if their internal workings or original design are tampered with. To keep everything safe, vape within reasonable bounds and with caution.

Wrapping It Up

Vaping on one of these disposable Esco Bars is the best vaping there is! They make it easier, more comfortable, and more convenient for you to vape. Its automatic firing mechanism eliminates all the complications associated with charging and refilling, making it ideal for both experienced vapers who are devoted to MTL vaping and those who have chosen to transition from smoking to vaping. So choose your taste and let us know what you think!

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