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What are the Best Top-Selling Vapetasia Killer Disposables to Add to My Inventory?

Vapers are very particular about what they want in a disposable vape. They need a vape that is super-compact for easy carriage. They want a device that offers longevity so they can enjoy their vaping session. They also want throat-sweetened liquid fire and capacity. 

The Vapetasia Killer Fruit Disposable vape ticks all the boxes. It is very compact and has a large integrated battery that gives vapers the ideal amount of longevity and power to enjoy their favorite juices. The disposable vape has a liquid capacity of 10 ml and offers 2500 puffs per device.

The Vapetasia Killer Fruit disposable is an ultra-compact vape pen that offers approximately 2500 puffs to its users. Featuring an automatic firing system, this mobile device has a large battery capacity and 5% nicotine strength.

The Vapetasia Killer Fruit offers 2500+ puffs. Now, how long this lasts is totally dependent on your lifestyle, needs, and usage. The average person says Vapetasia killer fruit disposable lasts between 10 days to 2 weeks.

In summary, the Vapetasia Killer Fruit Disposable Vape 

  • Is super-compact and discreet
  • Very lightweight
  • Has a large integrated battery
  • Possesses a 10ml e-liquid capacity
  • Has 50mg of nicotine salt
  • Is easy to use because of its automatic firing mechanism
  • It comes pre-charged and pre-filled, meaning no maintenance, or leakage.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about Vapetasia e-liquids and what makes them so unique. The uniqueness of the vape liquid from Vapetesia is the quality of the e-juice. Since the liquids are produced in the US, there is a higher manufacturing standard. This means that vapers are getting premium-sweetened cloud. 

Also, as a retailer or wholesaler, you expect a level of customer support from the product manufacturers and Vapetasia is no different. They have outstanding customer service and a fair return policy, meaning you are not stuck with damaged goods. With this level of support, you can provide your customers the highest guarantees because you know who has your back. 

Top 5 Best-Selling Vapetasia Killer Fruit Flavors

These e-juices are available in many flavors, nicotine strengths, sizes, and concentrations. 

  1. Vapetasia Royalty 

This is by far the best-selling e-juice and outperforms every other juice in their collection. A very high-class e-liquid with tantalizing aroma and flavor, this vape liquid contains a unique blend of hazelnut, vanilla, and custard, with a hint of tobacco thrown into the mix. The resulting combo is a creamy juice that is relaxing and refreshing. This vape juice is available in 60 and 100ml bottles and has four varieties of nicotine strength, 0,3,6, and 12mg

  1. Vapetasia Killer Kustard Strawberry

This e-juice is designed for vapers with a sweet tooth. Flavored with creamy vanilla custard and overshadowed by mouth-watering sweet strawberries, vaping this liquid is like eating freshly picked strawberries. For vapers who like to vape every time of the day, this juice hits the mark. 

  1. Vapetesia Milk of the Poppy

If your customer is looking for an unforgettable vaping experience at any time of the day, then the milk of the poppy e-juice is the right choice for them. available in 60ml and 100ml bottles, this cream flavor made from strawberry and dragon fruit gives an unforgettable inhale. No wonder it is the 3 best-selling juice in their inventory.

  1. Vapetasia Blackberry Lemonade

This is a vape juice for people who like sweet and tart. Created by blending blackberry and lemon together to give a sweet, and refreshingly tangy taste, this juice is a high performer even though it is more expensive than the rest of the e-juices on this list.

  1. Vapetasia Pineapple Express

Most of the people who buy this e-juice are people switching from cigarettes to vaping devices. It has optimal nicotine concentration and infuses pineapple into the mix. This is the 5th best-performing juice they have in their collection.

Other E-Juices Under the Vapetasia Killer Fruit Umbrella

Blueberry Ice – (10ml)

Blueberry and ice came together to form this 8th wonder of the world. A puff from this flavored cloud will remind you of a brisk winter breeze, as you cool your taste buds and freeze your worries.

Cherry Peachade – (10ml)

Looking for a sweetened cloud that lingers around you all day? Then look no further because, with this flavor, you are in for an exciting day. Made from ripened peach, iced lemonade, and plump cherries, what you get from every puff is a thirst-quenching sweetness.

Energy – (10ml) 

This juice is a classic definition of e for energy. If you are looking for a little boost to start your day on a high note, then this is the liquid fire you need. This is electricity in a vape pen. With Energy, you fill your body with potent energy. The best way to describe this e-liquid is the feeling you get when you take an energy drink.

Grape Aloe – (10ml)

This magic from Vapetasia is a culmination of aloe and frozen grapes to give you a refreshing taste that you will keep wishing never ends. 


With these e-juices, you can be sure of cashing out regularly as a constant feature of people who carry Vapetasia e-juices is “sold out”. Raven route is the online vape wholesale partner you need to grow and succeed as a vape retailer. With fast shipping, no minimum order, and competitive pricing, you get only the best vaping products. Visit Raven route today to get started.


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